The Roots of


A poignant coming of age novel

     Beautiful, smart, and successful, Gia Bennett has a life any woman would envy. Growing up in the South, black and privileged, in the 70s and 80s, she lives a life many people dream of. The perfect upbringing, the ideal family, a lucrative career, influence and respect in the community, and access to anything she ever wanted. But being wealthy, successful, and a genuinely good person isn’t a guarantee her life is unshakeable.


     This poignant coming of age book, which spans almost seven decades, is an entertaining story that explores the interrelationships of the citizens of this small southern community and how they—for better or for worse—impact Gia’s life. But is everyone as innocent as they seem?


     Find out how the residents of this down-home suburban town bring it to life, then mix in some unexpected small-town and family secrets. This realistic short fiction will take the reader on a journey of nostalgia, sorrow, elation, and more—sure to capture the attention from beginning to end.  

Some secrets are hidden and some are in plain sight...