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On the Couch Conversations

Welcome to "On the Couch Conversations"! A safe space for us to check-in and have deep, thought-provoking conversations on issues that affect us as women, now more than ever.


Here's the fact... 2020 has been a game-changer! Now that we're socially distancing ourselves—who knows when that'll be over—no one knows when we'll be able to have that lunch with our co-worker (without worrying if the person next to you, who isn't wearing a mask, has Covid-19) or have your extended family over for dinner or have that weekly meetup with your girlfriends.


I get it... I totally understand. That's why I created this space for us to collectively come together and do what we girls are gifted and graced by God to do... that's to gather. Gather and come together in community. Gather to inspire and learn from each other. Making healthy female connections! It's a proven fact that we need community. Sisterhood and connection foster an environment for women to thrive.


We were never meant to be an island. We were never meant to be isolated and alone. This was a lesson I learned growing up watching my mother and her sisters interact with each other. They were gifted at creating community... creating a tribe that protected, nourished, and tended to one another. They nurtured an environment where my sisters, cousins, and I could flourish and share any and everything, without feeling judged or looked down on. Where we got advice and wisdom from those who had our best interest at heart, where our self-esteem was developed and cultivated. Something we continue to do to this day. And whenever my mother left those Sunday afternoon get-togethers with her sisters... she was better for it. She possessed a strength and confidence that comes with knowing you had a sisterhood who had your back, whom you could count on to encourage and inspire you whenever you needed it. I've strived my entire life to make women who come into my presence feel the very same way. Which is why I created this space.

I believe when we, as women, come together with our God-inspired ideas and creative solutions, we gain our voices and become a revolutionary strategic force, impacting our own lives, everyone connected to us, and our society. With that said, I want to invite you to...          

Join us on the couch for:


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"On the Couch Conversations"

An online discussion group for women.

1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month


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