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Women's Workshop


"Turn Your Purpose Into Profit"

  • Are you tired of jumping from job to job or getting in on the newest networking idea, only to find yourself unfulfilled and bored?

  • Do you find yourself exhausted and unhappy with your 9-5 job?

  • Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to find where you fit in?

  • Are you wanting a deeper and more rewarding life? 

  • Know that God has called you to do more, but you're not sure what it is?


       Your life with more meaning!

       Waking up each morning loving your life and what you do!

       Living life on a higher level!

       But most of all...getting paid to do what you love!  


Taken from my newest coaching program, "Turning Your Purpose Into Profit", my latest workshop was created for those who have a desire to be their own boss. But many entrepreneurs fail to do the pre-work and find themselves frustrated and discouraged before they even get started. Don't become a statistic! Make sure your idea and concept are air tight, to ensure it'll be one you'll love for years to come, that brings you financial freedom!


My interactive transformational workshops feature thought-provoking exercises designed to give you easy actionable steps (you can immediately implement). Helping you create the life you want! It's your not so typical workshop...aiming to assist you in reinvigorating, reviving, rediscovering, and reinventing your life! Join me for an afternoon packed with 3 - 4 hours of discovery and fun! (Lunch included.) 

For more information on my workshops visit here.


10:45a -11:00a  - Snack/Coffee 


11:00a -12:30p  - Session One  

                         - Introduction

                         - Group Icebreaker

                         - Brainstorming/Group Work

                         - "Getting a Clear Focus on Your Purpose"


12:30p -1:30p    - Lunch


  1:30p -2:15p    - Session Two                         

                         - "Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur?"

                         - "Finding Your Business Competency"

 2:15p - 2:30p    - Wrap Up/Giveaway

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$35.00 Registration Fee*

*Registration fee includes catered lunch, supplies, and materials 


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